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Dec 1, 2022
6 min read
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How to choose the best keywords for E-commerce platforms?

How to choose the best keywords for e-commerce platforms? Home One thing is pretty certain: our shopping habits are changing…

How to choose the best keywords for E-commerce platforms?image
How to choose the best keywords for E-commerce platforms?-0

One thing is pretty certain: our shopping habits are changing and they are changing very fast. There has been a 31.73 percent year-over-year increase in 2020, resulting in $759.47 billion in e-commerce sales in the USA. $52.6 billion of these sales have come from furniture and homeware sales. It is estimated that the revenue generated from furniture and homeware sales will be $55.25 billion in 2021. However, the big market share brought along a big competition. It has never been more difficult to be found online.

Let’s say you are selling a round coffee table, so are thousands of people if not millions. If a customer wants to buy a round coffee table, your chances are very slim without any tweaks such as a strategy of SEO for furniture stores. Enter the keywords: the magic words which distinguish you from someone who sells the same product, maybe even at the same price. 

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What are keywords?

Keywords are what your customers write on search engines. They can be single words or complicated phrases. We can think of them as the best summary there can be of your content. This is the word that you ideally want to be found when someone types it on a search engine. Being said, it would be useful to also think about what people would search differently for when searching for your product or page. Let’s continue from the example we’ve given before: the round coffee table. Your product’s page’s first keyword would be “round coffee table”. If I were to think about buying a coffee table, I could write all sorts of things on the search engine: coffee table, living room furniture, hand-made tables, white coffee table 39.00 x 20.00 x 20.00 inches, etc. If these keywords apply to your product, you probably would want to attract this customer. Thus, these can and should also be your keywords.

How to choose keywords

You know you want to be found and you know the way to do that is through keywords. However, it can be daunting when starting keyword research and building a strategy of SEO for furniture stores. You may start with these questions:

  • • Which kind of search terms should lead to your store?
  • • What kinds of words or phrases would people search for when they are looking to buy your products?
  • • What would be the search query when searching for your specific keywords?

When there is a list of keywords you think best describes your product or page, it is time to analyze them. After putting the selected keywords into a search engine like Google, the first step is to look at the first few websites that are shown. How is the competition for this specific keyword? Are there big companies with big marketing budgets at the top? How likely is it that you can compete with them? 

There are keywords with higher volumes of search output like furniture, couch, table, living room. They are used widely among your competition. You may think that they are the way to go. Yet, you would be wrong. One because there is also high competition and two the intention behind these keywords would be simply to get inspired. The high volumes of search outputs often do not convert to high volumes of sales. You have to stand out from your competition and convert your keywords to sales. This can be achieved by long-tail and detailed keywords. Let’s return to the example one more time. You are the owner and you analyze SEO for furniture stores. “Furniture” has a high volume of search output but a low conversion rate. “Table” and “Coffee table” would have better conversion rates.“Custom hand-made white wooden round coffee table Austin Texas” would have probably the highest conversion rate. This is the keyword you want your SEO for furniture store strategy to be focused on.

In order to compete in the crowded e-commerce world, a product or a page should stand out from others alike. Especially for the furniture niche where there is lots of competition and high product variety, it is of much greater importance to utilize SEO for furniture stores.

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